Monday, 28 April 2014


Ventura County Region
If you look at the map up there, you'll see Ventura County and its environs, to which a peculiar legend attaches.  The Billiwhack Dairy on the Wheeler Canyon Road is supposedly the original home of a grotesque humanoid monster.  It is supposed to have the horns of a ram and claws.  It is said to be tall and furry.  It has been asserted that it has thrown rocks at passing cars.  In particular, it is said to have terrified teenage hikers in 1964.

The dairy was opened by August Rubel, but it went under as a result of the Depression.  In 1943 Rubel disappeared, it was said to do secret wartime service in North Africa.  Shortly after this, the monster is supposed to have appeared.

Rumor, never to be trusted, has suggested that the creature was the result of American experimentation to create the perfect soldier.  It was even said that Rubel himself created it.  The truth may be altogether another matter.

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